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CFC President 37th Anniversary Message


Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Tonight, let me start off with this beautiful passage from Matthew:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” ~ Matthew 5:14-16

How does this passage relate to us, today, in the here and now? It relates to us in a huge way and especially today when our theme calls us to “Rekindle the Gift! Fulfill Your Ministry!”

Fulfill your ministry! SHINE! This is what Matthew is asking us to do. He is saying that we ought not to hide our light but use it to illumine everything around us. Such a tall order but this is exactly what “Rekindle the Gift. Fulfill your Ministry” means for all of us in CFC. God is saying, “Set fire anew to the gifts I have already bestowed upon you. Fulfill the task I have set out for you which is to bring light to all the nations.”

Have you ever experienced a “brownout” or worse still, a “black out”? What is the first thing we do when the lights go off? Our first instinct is to look for light, for a candle, for a flashlight. Why? We know that without light we will stumble. Without light we are not safe. Without light, we are lost. How many people out there “stumble”, are “unsafe” and are “lost” because they do not see the light of Jesus?

And so Jesus said, “Your light must shine...” (v16) And what is this light that we have? It is our gift. And what is God’s greatest gift to us? It is Jesus.

Can we truly say that Jesus’ light is shining fully through us? Can we look deep within ourselves and acknowledge, in all honesty, that there were times that we “hid Christ” under our own “bushel baskets”?

Brothers and sisters, we are called to SHINE! We are called to bring out the light we have hidden so well under our bushel baskets—under our fears, insecurities, arrogance and pride.

And so tonight, we will SHINE! We will not only rekindle the Gift of Christ in us, but we will shine! How do we shine? I leave you with 5 ways by which we can bring out that light within us and show the world that Jesus shines in us and through us:

S - SERVE like Jesus served. If there was is one thing we all love doing in CFC, it is to serve. It is not easy, it challenges us, and even pains us. But it is in the mystery of service that Christ shines the brightest in us.

H - be faithful to your HOUSEHOLD. We can shine our individual lights but isn’t it true that we shine brighter when we are surrounded by other “lights”? Isn’t it true that it is impossible to continue hiding our light when our companions are shining so bright? Nakakahiya, di ba? I'm sure you are with your household tonight. Don’t let   go of your relationships. Continue to be in fellowship, and never tire of giving and forgiving.

I - IGNITE the Faith in others. You shine for a purpose—to ignite the faith in others. Continue inviting to the CLP and keep going back to those who continue to reject you. Every time you invite, you ignite. They will ask, “Why are you so persistent?” Tell them why! Tell them that And we know that it is because Christ never gave up on us. And so we will never give up on them either.

N - NURTURE Your Family. Do not neglect your family. They are your primary responsibility and CFC exists to help you fulfill your role as a family member. CFC should be one of the reasons why you are united as a family, because when Christ shines in the home, hearts are warmed and there is peace, hope and joy. How we nurture our families in the loving ways of God, and in the power of the Holy Spirt is still the best way to evangelize other families. Nurture your family, because family is a gift.

E - ENRICH your Prayer life. Enrich in Filipino is Papagyamanin. For light to shine, the oil in our lamps must be always filled. Hindi pwedeng kapos. We are to be filled and enriched in prayer. If Christ is full in us, we are rich. 2 Corinthianss 8:9 tells us, “For you know the gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ, that for your sake he became poor although he was rich, so that by his poverty you might become rich.” Our union with Christ makes us rich, and that is why “God is enough!” And that is why the oil in our lamps will never die—we will not burn out.

And so, we gather tonight to SHINE! Let us SHINE not only in this venue but everywhere God places us.

CFC is called to be a light to the world. And as light, we are sent to lift up those who “stumble”, to embrace those who feel “unsafe” and to guide those who are “lost” in the dark.

Go, brothers and sisters, fulfill your ministry! Shine!



CFC President


For the past 30 years, the Holy Spirit has been guiding us in our missions beyond familiar shores. From Foster Tuncurry all the way to the Islands and Papua New Guinea, He has given us the resources and the intentional disciples to spread God's Love to His people. We have reached a milestone in the work of CFC in Australia. This year we are celebrating our 30th year anniversary.

CFC New National Council Members

We welcome the new set of CFC National Council members who have been anointed to lead our community in the next two years.



Christmas Message 2016

A Christmas message from our CFC Australia National Council Director - bro Denis Reyes.

LIVELOUD Australia


23 October, 2016    |    Sydney, Australia

Although the world is pressuring the faithful to be quiet, Australia saw hundreds of Catholics being families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth by living loud on October 23rd 2016.  For the first time ever Australians were inspired and encouraged to witness the amazing praise and worship concert from the Phillipines come to its shores. Hosting both community and non-community members, Liveloud Australia 2016 saw a rich diversity of cultures, ages and vocations come together to praise and worship the Lord through our God-given voices. 

All Family Ministries of Couples for Christ were geared throughout the whole process from start to finish in order for Liveloud to be an open community event. Whether it be in selling food, marketing the event or even security, it emphasizes that Liveloud was more than just an event about praising and worshiping the Lord but as well an opportunity to strengthen our unity and community between the family ministries. Being sponsored by businesses such as TFC, Subway and others, it represented the great providence from God in the support needed to host such a huge event. 

Personally I felt that Liveloud was a much needed Jesus moment for many of the community members. Worshipping amongst everyone, I felt the great impression that Christ was here ready to live loud in our hearts and often at times we needed that alarm as a wake up call back to a stronger relationship with our Father. Having been the Marketing Head of Liveloud Australia presented many challenges yet more fruit from the event weighted far greater than any obstacle. It was better to see how the effort, blood, sweat and tears transformed to the joy, laughter and faith moments that everyone shared that night.  Experiencing this Liveloud as my first, I came with the expectation that it would be shocking and it was. From the quality of the music ministry to how the production elements invited us to worship God that much harder was a consolidating moment. Never did I think I would be worshiping with my dearest friends and family for hours and still wanting more afterwards! 

 Overall, Liveloud Australia 2016 I am sure is a memory that will be etched into the hearts of community and non-community members no matter what age. It brought great tears to my eyes to see how God had powerfully inspirited each participant with the much needed realisation of His love and mercy. It reminded me that to live loud is not just in the two hours of praising and worshipping him but a constant necessity in every second of our life beyond our comforts. 

John Nguyen
YFC Cluster Head / SFC member