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    CFC's Statement of Philosophy reflecting our stand on Marriage and Family today Read More
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    Stand Firm in the Faith
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    Couples For Christ are families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the Earth
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    Singles For Christ is committed to bring every single man and woman all over the world to experience Christ
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    Youth for Christ is guided by the principle of 4F’s: Fun, Friendship, Faith, and Freedom Read More
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    Handmaids Of The Lord is winning the world for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, with Mary as their model.
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    Servants Of The Lord is a ministry for mature men who are either bachelors, separated or divorced or widowers

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A Private International Association Of The Faithful Of Pontifical Right  
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CFC Event Calendar

  • 10 Jun - 23 Jul

At 35, Couples for Christ Has New Old Missions

The article below is a reprint from the original article from the Manila Times written by Ricardo Saludo.

Commendation Letter from the Archbishop of Brisbane

The Archbishop of Brisbane, the Most Reverend Mark Coleridge, has wrote a commendation letter lauding Couples for Christ's charism and our enlivening service as well as admiring our commitment to the greater christian community through our vocation programs.

See copy of letter below.

A Christmas Message

A Christmas message from our CFC Australia National Director, bro Denis Reyes. 


CFC Womens Forum

"Who can find a woman of worth."  Far beyond jewel is her value .. Proverbs 31:10 

The CFC Womens Forum was relaunched last 20 February 2016 in Sydney, participated by close to 200 women in Community (CFC wives, Handmaids, YFC and SFC sisters).  Our special guest that afternoon were Sis. Linda Tayag and all the wives of our National Council Members.  As CFC women we journeyed and celebrated how the Lord have been victorious in our lives as women of God.  

Highlight of the celebration was a Talk by Sis Linda on the "Woman of God: Beautiful, Joyful and Prayerful"  .. We learned how beautiful we are made by God, and we are to carry out our true beauty and true elegance because we are models of a "Master Designer" who is God Himself!  But before the Talk began, the audience was awed by a surprise Fashion Show led by selected CFC women of all ages .. Here we were reminded that there is nothing more captivating than a woman who dresses in modesty because 'real models are role models' of God. 

The next Session was the Trivia:  "Everything About You" - HIS Story, Your Story which brought the floor to organized chaos!  But through it all, everyone remained to be true "daughters of of dignity and authentic femininity". 

(CFC Trivia:  The very first ever CFC-Austalia Womens Forum was launched in Sydney during the early years of Couples for Christ-Australia in the 1990's with its theme "Ako ay Maganda, Masigla, Masaya!" 

To end our day was a Fellowship High Tea while being entertained by live music from our very own SFC Girls Band. 

CFC-SFC-HOLD Women's Forum (Youtube Video)

- Sis Nanette Estera


A Christmas Message

A Christmas message from our CFC Australia National Director, bro Denis Reyes. 

Greetings and peace!

The year 2015 is quickly coming to a close. Our CFC Australia activities officially ends starting this week and will commence on 04 January 2016.

But this year 2015, our hearts and spirits have been blessed, filled to the brim overflowing with God's word alive in all our teachings and activities, CLP's,  Prayer Assemblies, Household Prayer Meetings, and conferences. We can never thank God enough for the exciting CFC Love More Oceania Conference with KFC in New Zealand, the awesome  YFC / SFC / HOLD OCON in Australia, powerful ABBA Father Weekend, empowering CFC Anniversary and Family Day celebrations, our inspiring CFC Missions within Australia and Melanesia, and  the unforgettable CFC Lay Clergy Congress and Leaders Summit in Sydney.

In CFC, 2016 is the year of giving back to God all that is due HIm - sacrificing our precious time, utilising even our simplest talent through service for His glory, and offering our limited treasure as a pleasing sacrifice for His greater work. Therefore, our theme this year, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 calls us all to "Pray, Rejoice, and Give Thanks", without fail, as we serve HIm faithfully.

Let's continue to praise and thank God for His goodness and faithfulness by giving Him back the glory through service...  a Merry and Blessed Christmas to all and may your New Year be rewarding and bright!

May God be praised! 

Denis Reyes