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Mission Core Group Re-launched

The Couples for Christ Community in Australia re-launched its Mission Core Group (MCG) in a weekend retreat held on 6-7 June 2015 at St Peter Chanel Parish in Regent’s Park.  The retreat was well attended by CFC leaders and elders not only in Sydney but from the different states as well.  No less than our country coordinator, Bro Rene Breva and his wife, Sis Mayos were present to lead the re-launching of the MCG.


What is the Mission Core Group? MCG, for short, is a group of leaders and elders in the community who gather together on a monthly basis to provide a strong support environment to one another in the pursuit of and living out the mission and vision of Couples for Christ.  


The weekend retreat had six powerful and inspiring talks given by the elders in the community. Bro Bong Bernardo, a member of the National Council, gave the first talk, “God’s Plan for CFC”. Listening to this talk brought us back to the early beginnings of the community, from the birth of CFC in 1981 in the Philippines to the present time.  The community underwent a long, joyful, fruitful, painful but spirit-filled journey as we saw the hand of God at work and His plan for the community unfolded to what it is today. Indeed God has the best plan for CFC as His instrument in winning the world for Christ.


The second talk was “Discipleship” given by Bro Marcy Mission, country coordinator for Solomon Islands.  In this talk, we are reminded that to be a disciple is to follow Christ.  With this comes denying one’s self, taking up His cross and following Him.  Being a disciple of Jesus means having a relationship of total dependence on God and a loving and inter-dependent relationship with one another as brothers and sisters.  Above all a disciple must have the humility to ask for the Lord’s guidance in our walk with God and with one another.


Another interesting topic was “Personal Loyalty” the third talk delivered by Bro Danny Ambida, National Council Member from Canberra.  Bro Danny stressed the importance of maintaining loyalty first to God, family and amongst brothers and sisters in CFC. Betrayal, abandonment and denial are some ways of being disloyal to our members and these certainly have no place in a Christian community setting.  We are all called to trust and defend our brothers and sisters should they fall victims of gossips and slander and correct if necessary, if a wrongdoing is proven committed by a member.  Correction is a sign of love and loyalty to our members.  Maintaining the spirit of openness preserves the peace and unity in the community.


“Leaving All for God” was the fourth talk given by our Country Coordinator, Bro Rene Breva.  This is a very challenging call to the leaders for total submission to God and the CFC way of life - detaching ourselves from personal attachments, ambitions, comforts, worldly concerns - as these are obstacles in our service to God.  Quite a daunting task, but leaving everything for God is the means to achieve a life of holiness. 


An equally strong and bold talk was given by Bro Denis Reyes, the National Director of CFC in Australia.  Titled, “Giving All to God”, Bro Denis was short of saying “sell all and give everything back to God”.  Some strong and bold  messages we received were - give 100% unconditionally,  let go and hold nothing back, do whatever He asks of us,  surrender our lifestyle, ambitions, relationships, give joyfully not grudgingly, be fools and fanatics for Christ - among others.  This is indeed a tough and frightening call if we allow our fears to rule us and not trust fully in God.  But God in His goodness will not fail us as He gives us the assurance that He will reward us a hundred fold with the treasure that is hidden in the field, the kingdom of God.


Lastly, Bro Rene, our country coordinator, exhorted all the leaders and elders of the MCG to give their total commitment and dedication to CFC, and preserve the vision and mission of the community.


The final session concluded with a commitment prayer led by Bro Rene.  At the end of the weekend retreat, members of the Mission Core Group left the hall   renewed, refreshed, revitalized, and re-kindled by the fire of the Holy Spirit in doing the mission that God has commissioned them. 


Praise be to God!!  


by: Myrna Nobleza

CFC Hawkesbury Chapter