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It is with much excitement that our community, CFC (Australia) Oceania Mission Ltd, is officially announcing, to all Area Leaders and Family Ministry Coordinators, the 2019 Clergy – Lay Congress to be held on the 2nd of November at the Our Lady of the Rosary School Hall in Fairfield.

This year’s Clergy - Lay Congress theme is “Family is a Gift”. In today’s marketplace of ideas where marriage as an institution is shaken, family values are questioned, and truths about our faith are relativised, even trivialised, Couples for Christ has been moved by the Holy Spirit to step
forward bannering “Family is a Gift”.

The CFC participants to the Congress will be limited to Unit Heads, Chapter Heads, Cluster Heads, and Family Ministry Coordinators. This is consistent with the attendees invited to the Leaders’ Summit held in previous years. Inter-state delegates will be hosted by CFC Sydney.

To make the congress more relevant and effective in developing relationship with the local Church, every Area are inviting a Religious representative (e.g. local Bishop, Area Spiritual Adviser or a local Parish Priest) to be present in the Congress. After the congress the CFC leaders will have their annual Leaders summit that will be held at the same venue.Please save the date. Looking forward to a fruitful and productive congress between our community and the clergy.

For further information and directives please contact bro Danny Ambida - our NC Director for Church relations.