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Love Revolution - OYC Cairns Sharing

We praise and thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve Him through Oceania Youth Conference (OYC) 2015!

At first, when we learned that we will be hosting OYC for this year, there were questions and apprehensions in our minds. Our family had just attended our very first CFC Oceania Conference in New Zealand and we can’t fathom the work behind-the-scenes to make such event successful. But the Lord’s grace is indeed overwhelmingly efficient and His divine power had granted us to accomplish all tasks given to us with such limited manpower. We held on to the Lord’s promise that we will not be dismayed, for He is our God and that He will strengthen us, will help us, and will uphold us with His righteous hands (cf. Isa. 41: 10-13). Our Lord is indeed a faithful and gracious God! We surrendered to God and just followed where He is leading us; and miracles did happen one at a time days before the conference started. It was amazing how God provided with all our needs!

After a week of resting, coming home refreshed and empowered from the recently concluded CFC Oceania Conference in New Zealand, we immediately started to prepare for the OYC. With a week or so to prepare for the OYC, along with our God-given brothers and sisters to form a team, we accepted the task to handle transport and hosting. This became the start of the ‘sleepless’ nights. Plotting pre and post OYC hosting, rostering drivers, scheduling pick up and drop offs from airport-to-venue-and-so-on, liaising with brothers and sisters if they can host YFCs in their homes and consolidating information from several sources to update the master list were just the tip of the iceberg. At this stage, we still had attendees who are still awaiting visas, confirmation and chance passengers.

We were so thankful that our brothers and sisters agreed to host YFCs in their homes however still, this wasn’t enough when we had more attendees confirm that also needed hosting. Stress, doubt and fear has started to seep in when we could no longer fit YFCs into homes and lack of drivers on critical days. Jep, our FTPW, and Bro Malvin, Cairns Area Head, requested for a service meeting. On that very evening, we witnessed God’s mercy when our brothers and sisters started to raise their hands to help out with hosting more YFCs into their homes and with transport, some willing to call in sick for work, picking up and dropping off YFCs to and from work, others waking up in the wee hours to pick up from the airport.

Throughout the week, I and my wife’s faith were tested to the extreme. From having dented and scratch the hired vehicle I drove and paying hefty amount of fees, losing my own wallet enroute to the airport, having locked out of our own home and getting a locksmith to unlock it immediately, sleeping late and waking up early to prepare breakfast for our YFCs. Even when all of these had happened, God never left our side. He kept our sanity intact and reminded us to keep our eyes on the goal and keep moving forward.

Came OYC, we were so blessed with the presence of our YFCs who are so in love with God and so passionate with their service. We were both inspired and humbled by their praises and worship without inhibitions or timidities. Our hearts were filled with joy, that despite our tired bodies, we still felt how little we have given service to Him and desires to serve more. Our little community in Cairns were energized and inspired; and we felt God’s calling again for us to continue to march onward as His faithful servants.

Since we are relatively new in the community, this is our first time to see YFC ministry and we were just in awe how God worked in these little adults’ lives. As parents, we appreciated the community even more. It gave me and my wife’s peace in our hearts that our son, together with our current KFCs, will be in good company in terms of his spiritual journey; and that we are not alone in evangelizing him.

Looking back, we didn’t comprehend then, why the Lord chose us to be the host for Oceania Youth Conference 2015. We felt unworthy and lacking skills to be able to accomplish the mission at hand. But He revealed to us little by little as we do the mission, that everything we surrender to Him for His glory and honour will be victorious. Faith and service, are spiritual muscles, they can only be strengthened when being practiced and pressured! The all-knowing God gave us something bigger than us so that we rely on our very faith to Him and to each other as a community. Like David, CFC Cairns have faced our own Goliath and we learned that it is just really a matter of believing, yielding and obeying the absolute Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We can’t thank the Lord enough for daring us to do what seem to be impossible for our small community in Cairns. We thank Him for the blessing of OYC and the whole Oceania CFC community for motivating us to believe more, trust more, experience more, learn more, grow more and most of all, to LOVE MORE.

Now glory be to God, by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes." Ephesians 3:20

Sincerely With the Grace of God,

Brian and Joms Uy

CFC Cairns