Youth for Christ

CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) aims to evangelize the youth aged thirteen (13) to twenty-one (21). The ministry molds a generation of young, passionate, convicted, and Christ-centered young people, reaching out to them m every community, campus, and school. YFC develops strategies in evangelization and establishes programs relevant to the changing times meant to deepen the youth’s relationship with the bigger church.


YFC is Composed of programs that aim to cater to all areas where the youth is present The five (5) main programs are as follows

Community-Based Program

The YFC Community-based Program works on spreading the good news to the youth in dioceses and parishes. It works closely with the parish structure that 111s in, participating 1n the various activities of the parish. As this program works in spreading God’s message to the whole community, 1t acknowledges that there are other organizations within the same community that is working towards the same purpose.

High School-Based Program

YFC High School-Based (YFC HSB) Program aims to evangelize the youth At the High School level. YFC believes that there is a need to evangelize the young from the High Schools because 11is in this stage of their lives where their formative foundations are crucial. This allows them to lay the foundation for what bet the people they hope to become.

Campus-Based Program

YFC Campus-Based the evangelization program based within College or University level campuses. YFC Campus-Based seeks to provide a point of conversion/re-conversion, where a young person can grow as a man or woman of God, and be encouraged to take respons1b11tty and gain leadership as they lead others to God as well. As such, this program accepts the vibrancy, energy, dynamism, and free-sp1nt of the youth. and strives to re-channel this youthfulsp1nt for use in the mission of building God’s kingdom in their homes and campuses

TORCH Program

TORCH (Towards Renewal Christ) is the support program of YFC and serves as an identity membership for the children of the CFC Mission Core Group members. These children are being prepared and motivated to share the torch of leadership that their parents to continue the CFC m1ss1on, as it is handed down from their parent’s generation to theirs.

YCOM Program

YFC Communications or YCOM is the official communications arm of Youth for Christ. Its task is to assist the ministry in spreading God’s word to its members and to the world and proclaiming God’s greatness in a creative and powerful way.

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