Far North Queensland

“The mission of the Church is to seek and to save them that are lost”








CFC Mackay started with the desire of Brother Oscar Tacalan to look for a local CFC community in the area by initiating contact with few leaders that pass on the message and landed to the Brisbane Couples for Christ.

Tito Roland Tenorio, Brisbane CFC Chapter head, started the coordination meeting to start the plan in conducting CLP in Mackay in the middle year of 2013 with the help to Father Rodrigo Dela Rosa(RIP) , Parish Priest of South Mackay during that time.

There were five couples attended the CLP, four of which are CFC member in the Philippines, Brother Raul, and Sis Marivic Agoho join with us from Cannonvale and eventually relocate themselves after Brother Raul got a job overseas before we finished the CLP . Brother Bong and Sis Ivy Mar, Brother Froilan and Sis Evelyn Rosales, Brother Oscar, and Sis Letty Tacalan and Brother Bing and Sis Malou Besa, are the first batch of Couples for Christ in Mackay and Sis Marivic Agoho (HOLD).

Brother Bong Mar leads the CFC community in Mackay, When Brother Allan Baino visited Mackay as country coordinator, they decided to visit Townsville to catch up with the remaining CFC/HOLD in the area, after travelling for twelve hours round trip, a decision came up by Mackay CFC to help revive CFC Townsville.

A plan was created on how to sustain the mission, by making all leaders and members involved. Every week a team will drive to Townsville for a household meeting lead by a house leader and member of the household, alternate by Brother bong and Sis Ivy.

Brother Edwin and Sis dory accepted the new task given as CFC unit head of Mackay, while Brother Bong and Sis Ivy as the mission coordinator, continuing the Townsville mission.


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