Christian Life Program

What is the Christian Life Program (CLP)?

The CLP is an integrated course intended to lead the program participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Christian couples. It runs for several sessions usually held once a week for 5-6 weeks. Most sessions consist of three basic ingredients: a teaching, a group discussion, and a time for fellowship.

What are the goals of the CLP?

The CLP has two basic purposes: evangelism and spiritual renewal. To evangelize is to take the basic message of Christianity and to proclaim it anew so that those who hear it can make a renewed commitment to the Lord in a way which will allow them to receive a fuller experience of the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

There are no fees or any monetary expenses required of the participants. The only investment required is their time and their openness.

What happens after the Christian Life Program?

The household meeting is held in the homes of the group members on a rotation basis. A typical meeting would involve some time for prayers, a time for sharing or discussion, and finally, some time for fellowship. After the CLP, those who finish are invited to join Couples for Christ. When they do, they are made part of a small cell group called a household. The household is composed of 5 to 7 couples who meet weekly for mutual support and encouragement in the Christian life under the direction of a household leader.